tips to determine if the mileage is genuine

Dos And Don'ts Of Donating Your Car To Support A Charity

When your vehicle reaches the end of its useful life and you don't suspect that it holds enough value to sell, donating it to support a charity is always a worthwhile idea. There are several local and national charities that collect old vehicles to raise funds, and donating your vehicle does more than benefit the charity. You'll also appreciate that the charity will pick up the vehicle, saving you the hassle of dropping it off, and you'll get a tax receipt for a set amount. If you're going through this process for the first time, here are some dos and don'ts:

Do: Confirm That Your Vehicle Type Is Acceptable

Sometimes, car collection programs will have different requirements for picking up vehicles. This can extend to not only the type of the vehicle but also to its condition. For example, if you have a large truck or another large vehicle, you'll want to confirm that the charity has the means to pick it up. Similarly, you should confirm if the vehicle needs to be in running condition. Generally, these programs can collect vehicles that don't run, but some prefer those that do.

Don't: Strip Your Vehicle Of Its Parts

It may be tempting to go through your vehicle to remove any parts of value before you arrange to have it picked up. Some programs will ask that you avoid doing so, and even if the charity doesn't stipulate this rule, it's best to avoid this approach. These charities can remove parts and sell them to raise funds before the vehicles are recycled, so if you're removing parts yourself, you're taking money away from the charity.

Do: Have The Vehicle Positioned For Ease

Obviously, if your vehicle doesn't run, you won't be able to move it. For a functioning vehicle, however, you should ensure that it's easy for the pick-up service to get. This means clearing away any obstacles around the vehicle and parking it in a position where the tow truck can easily back up to it.

Don't: Try To Haggle Over Your Tax Receipt

While some charities may base the amount of your tax receipt on the specific vehicle you have, you'll commonly find that the tax receipt is a set value. That's because these cars are recycled by weight. Don't try to barter over the amount of the tax receipt. If the charity offers a set amount of $500, for example, it's poor etiquette to say you'll only let the vehicle go for $550.

Contact a company like American Relief Foundation for more information and assistance. 

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tips to determine if the mileage is genuine

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