tips to determine if the mileage is genuine

Need A Box Truck For Your Business? 2 Things To Consider Before You Start Shopping

When your business was small, making deliveries out of your car or family pickup probably wasn't hard to do. However, as your business grows, it might become harder and harder to go without a dedicated box truck or delivery van. Unfortunately, if you are like most business owners shopping for their first commercial vehicle, you might have a difficult time deciding between the models on the car lot. Here are two things to consider before you start shopping, so that you can zero in on the right vehicle for your business:

1: Advertising Space

Wouldn't it be nice if you could take the money that you need to use on a new truck and sink it into advertising instead? Before you start sulking about the outdoor signs or Internet advertising you can't afford because you have to invest in a work vehicle, consider the fact that you might be able to transform that work truck into a traveling billboard.

For about $10 per square foot, you can have your vehicle wrapped in colorful, ornate vinyl material to show off whatever you want. In addition to building your brand, you might be able to use your truck to advertise new products or services. Although it might seem like a stretch, research has shown that a wrapped vehicle can attract as many as 30,000 to 70,000 views in a single day.

Unfortunately, some vehicles are more difficult to wrap than others, which is why it is important to look for the right truck. The more curves and crevices the vehicle's exterior contains, the more difficult it will be to wrap and the harder the design will be for people to see from the road. To avoid problems, look for a box truck with flat, blank sides. Inspect the rear of the truck for extra hardware like handles and hitches. If you can find a simple box truck with clean lines, it can act as a blank canvas to help you with your advertising needs.

2: Loading Aids

When you need to deliver products to customers in a hurry, every second counts. Unfortunately, if the box truck that you choose is difficult to load or unload, your drivers could end up straining their backs or taking more time than they need to. Fortunately, by choosing a box truck with the right loading aid, you might be able to minimize problems. Here are two different types of loading aids, and how to choose the right one for your business:

  • Tail Lifts: If your workers have to deliver heavy pallets stacked with merchandise, you should consider looking for a box truck fitted with a tail lift. These industrial lifts are essentially fold-out platforms fitted with hydraulics. By moving merchandise onto the platform and then flipping a switch, your workers can raise and lower merchandise without any effort. In fact, some tail lifts are capable of lifting as much as 2,500 kilograms, or 5,500 pounds, without even flinching.
  • Ramps: On the other hand, if your workers are charged with the task of moving lots of small boxes each delivery, a heavy tail lift might just get in the way. If you need a quick, easy way to unload your truck, look for a model with a ramp. By simply sliding out a ramp and lowering it to the ground, your workers can run into the truck, retrieve product, and have it delivered in no time.

As you consider your loading aid options, take the time to evaluate what your employees would feel most comfortable using. If you have older employees doing your deliveries, something as powerful as a lift gate might be a welcome relief. On the other hand, if your deliveries are handled by strong, able-bodied men, a ramp might be more convenient.

By carefully analyzing what you need in a delivery vehicle, you might be able to invest wisely, speed up deliveries, and make your drivers happy.  For more information about the available trucks in your area, you can visit

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tips to determine if the mileage is genuine

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