tips to determine if the mileage is genuine

3 Signs You Need New Tires Before Summer

It's not uncommon for people to look at their tires and then try to get one more summer's worth of use out of them. The thought process is that old tires are probably safe on dry summer roads, so why not get the new ones before more dangerous winter driving and save a bit of money as well? Unfortunately, this can be a major mistake. No one wants to end up with a flat tire during a summer road trip. Read More 

Diesel Fuel Filters: 4 Common Causes Of Plugging

Diesel fuel filter parts are expected to last an average of a thousand hours or more; however, their life expectancy can decrease significantly if they become plugged. Most consumers are under the misconception the plugging is caused by dirt; however, you'd actually need a significant amount of dirt for the plugging happen. Diesel fuel filters are more likely to plug up during the winter, as the temperatures drop. This article will take a look at the 4 most common causes. Read More 

Motorcycle Trailers: Four Things For First-Time Towers To Consider

A motorcycle trailer is an efficient way to move one or more bikes, but it's important to carry your cargo securely and safely. Before you set off on your first trip, you need to make sure you, your car and your trailer are ready for the journey ahead. If you have never towed a motorcycle trailer before, make sure you are ready for the trip ahead with these four crucial preparation tips. Read More 

Waiting For A Tow Truck? 2 Ways To Keep Your Bad Day From Getting Worse

Once you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, it might be hard to imagine your day getting any more terrible. After your car sputters to a halt or that stranger rear-ends your ride, you might be frustrated enough with the circumstances. Unfortunately, unless you understand which steps to take next, your day might not improve significantly. Here are two things to do as you wait for towing so that you can keep your bad day from getting worse: Read More 

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tips to determine if the mileage is genuine

How do you know that the mileage on a vehicle is genuine? If you are buying a used car or looking for a replacement engine, how do you know that the mileage that the seller is advertising is accurate? There are a few things to look for, but few people know what they are. If you are considering purchasing a used car or a replacement engine, visit my blog. There, you will find several tips that can help you determine just how many miles the vehicle or engine in question truly has on it. Hopefully, what you learn will help you avoid a buyer's big mistake.